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Lindsay's Voice/Trees of Hope WI Supports Kathy's House and Blood Cancer Patients

Date: 2/14/2014 1:01:00 AM

February 12th was a very uplifting and yet emotional day. We met with the founders of Kathy's House, Dick and Judy Vogel.  In 2000, their daughter Kathy lost a year-long battle against Lymphoma.  They made a pledge to carry on her legacy and created "Kathy's House", where patients and their families can have housing while undergoing medical treatment. They have provided services for thousands of patients and their families over the last 12 yrs. While they ask for the patients to pay for accomodations, it is difficult for many to afford the amount needed to keep the facility staffed and functioning. 

When Lindsay's Voice was started, our original "goal" was to help local blood cancer patients and their families pay for the expenses that are ongoing while in treatment.   We searched for ways to help families directly, but there were legal and logistical difficulties.  But, we knew that Kathy's House is a great local facility that is used by many Bone Marrow and Stem cell transplant patients and their families.  Sometimes they need to stay for up to 2-3 months while getting Chemotherapy and other care. 

Our board of directors agreed that we would be good stewards with the money raised by our Signature fund-raising event " Trees of Hope WI", by starting a fund with Kathy's House.  Money that will help subsidize blood cancer patients and their families staying there. 

We are proud of our new partnership with the Vogel's and Kathy's House. It is our hope and desire for this to continue for years to come. That we can continue to help blood cancer patients and their families.

Lindsay and Kathy would both be proud that their lives will have a positive effect on others for many years in the future.