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Date: 4/20/2016 10:33:00 PM

We at Lindsay's Voice/ Trees of Hope WI  are dedicated to doing  whatever we can to help find Cures for blood cancers, improve treatments and make the lives of patients more comfortable.   On Wed  April 20th, 2016 we delivered  a check for $8,000.00 to Children's Hospital Foundation to again support Dr. Monica Thakar's   NK (Natural Killer) cell immunotherapy study. Below is an update on how that study and clinical trial has performed and how it is expanding.  

There are currently 2 Immunotherapy trials open at both Children’s and Froedtert Hospital using donor natural killer (NK) cell immunotherapy to treat high-risk cancers.  Our trial for hematological malignancies (such as leukemias and lymphomas), has recently finished enrolling its last patient this past week.  Dr. Thakar presented results of this trial at the international bone marrow transplant meeting (CIBMTR/ASBMT Tandem meeting), held in Honolulu in February 2016.

Results from this trial showed an almost 30% improvement in progression-free survival compared to the historical control.  Learning from this study, she is currently working on the next-generation clinical trial harnessing the energy of these “natural born” killer cells to fight cancer.  The second trial is open for high-risk solid tumors.  The FDA has recently allowed eligibility to expand to brain tumors and osteosarcoma, in addition to previously-allowed diseases (neuroblastoma, Ewing sarcoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma).  Accrual is almost half-way complete for this trial.